The Wealth of One Nation: On the Economy of the United States

For 11th grade US history class, I independently researched and analyzed the relationship between GDP and foreign conflict in the United States. I firmly believe this project was a catalyst to my interest in economics. The essay is below, and the correspon...


Girl Scout Gold Award: Personal Fianance

I created a curriculum to teach people my age about the basics of personal finance, as I am led to believe it is an essential skill. I incorporated my curriculum into the 9th grade "college and career readiness" class at my school, as well as the middle sc...


New York Times Annual Podcast: Competition Winner

While collaborating with a peer, I developed a five-minute script, edited audio and video, and organized and conducted two interviews for an award-winning podcast. Put Shrimply’s debut episode, Beyond a Shadow of a Trout, was one of the 10 winning entries...