First Impressions Blog


First Impressions Blog

What strikes you most about your workplace?

All of the doors are locked constantly. I am struck by the fact that I might forget to bring keys and get stuck somewhere I can’t get out of. That would be frightening. I don’t want to be a missing person and then end up being in a copy room. That would be scary. Also, I get my own office (pictured above, prior to organization). That is neat and striking.

What strikes you most about your colleagues?

This is not striking, by any means, and therefore perhaps an insufficient response to the question, but I find the general human interactions to be interesting, potentially puzzling, and a bit surprising. I do not know the extent to which the interactions are supposed to go. Normally, I would implement humor through means of sarcasm. Unfortunately, this was not an option because the mandatory “sexual harassment training” stated that excessive sarcasm is rude, and not permitted in a work place. I am without means of productive casual conversation without it, however, because any follow-up questions would have been gleaned from prior conversation, and anything extra would potentially be beyond the standard professional interaction. I am confused. I will learn. 

Everyone is very nice.

What strikes you most about the job you're doing?

Although I think the word “striking” is slightly overused, I am struck by how much I enjoy being in my internship. I was previously very afraid. I am still afraid, but to a considerably lesser extent.

What are you looking forward to during your Internship?

I love working. I know it will probably go away, and, like most adults, I’ll grow to resent my workplace and make the “Sunday Scaries” a standard occurrence. However, as of now, I am extremely pleased. Every single task I have been dealt has been fun and manageable. Normally, I only like boring things. Now, I can like fun things. I look forward to doing as much as I can. 

What wonderings do you have about your role and/or your workplace?