Blog Post #3


Blog Post #3

The layout of this assignment is odd. I will not dwell on that. 

“Part One”

1.  How is your work as an intern meaningful to your education?

The tricky thing with school is that some argue it adds little-to-no value to one’s “real world experience.” Therefore, the primary benefit of the internship would to provide said “real world experience” in a timely manner. The low-stakes environment permits mistake making and personal growth. It is meaningful in several aspects of life, and that can culminate to educational value. 

2.  What are you learning about your own work from your internship project?

Much of the internship project is having to do with many specifics and details. I have never believed myself to be entirely detail-oriented, but this work permits me to extend beyond my standard comfort zone. I have learned that it does not matter what I like to do, nor what I’m good at. I can just do whatever, and keep redoing it until it is satisfactory. Therefore, it would be in my best interest to avoid high-stakes work. I will never be anything medical or legal.

“Part Two”

1. What new appreciations are you developing while working as an intern? Why?

I have newly begun to appreciate office politics. I did not think they were real, but I have recently found myself involved in several social interactions that may otherwise be implausible without a certain degree of political implication.

2.  What qualities or characteristics do you see in the people around you that you want to develop in yourself? Why?

Everyone is very kind. I would like to be personable, at least to a reasonable extent. I can only do so much eye-widening and smiling before it seems excessive or fake.