Photo Essay


Photo Essay

1. This is a photo of the in kind room after the addition of several boxes of sheets.

2. This is an envelope sealer. Gone are the days of dry mouth and unsanitary mailing procedures.

3. This is a photo I took while trying to determine whether or not a sign could be read from 5 feet away. As it turns out, it could not.

4. This is the box truck after it has been driven.

5. This is the laminating machine in the mail room. I love laminating.

6. This was a bird I saw on the country club floor. Look at it. It’s so small.

7. This is the random raffle at golf.

8. This is the silent auction redemption at chefs.

9. These are the goodie bags and carts at golf.

10. This is a delightful view of the country club.