Blog Post #5 - Internship Project


Blog Post #5 - Internship Project

The thing about non-profits, as many before have said, is that any one person can wear innumerable figurative hats. As a result, it could be difficult to pick just one project to complete. 

My project was the golf tournament random raffle. In which previously donated items were bundled and laid out. It was 1 raffle ticket for $6, or 5 raffle tickets for $25. Before the golf event, I was meant to organize the supplies and set up the table. Throughout the golf event, I was meant to stand by the random raffle table and promote the sale of tickets. I did both of those things. My favorite thing to say was, "You could buy one, but I feel like five would be a better deal considering the increase in odds." They laughed, but they totally did it. Only one person bought one ticket, and it was because it was my first time. 

Furthermore, before the event, I made the relevant display sheets for the items, and after the event I was able to draw the winners. I could have rigged it. 

This project is relevant because it allowed for my mentors to do other things, and volunteers to be allocated to other aspects of the event. Additionally, it was technically a fundraiser that raised a certain quantifiable dollar value for the kids, which is good.

The photo above is the only one I was able to take, as I was preoccupied with the task at hand, rather than photographing said task.